Atlantis Outpatient Center opened in October of 2004 as a free standing surgery center exclusively for Gastroenterology and Pain Management Procedures. The facility was opened by a group of physicians who wanted to create a place that is easily accessible for the patients, efficient and has a staff dedicated to GI health and the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain.

In July of 2007, Health Care Corporation of America became the general partner of this limited partnership and the facility is currently operated under the Ambulatory Surgery Division of HCA.

Atlantis Outpatient Center became accredited by AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc) in 2006. The second survey was completed April 20, 2009 with a 3 year recommendation.

The center has 2 operating rooms, 4 procedure rooms and a 7 bed recovery area as well as a 3 bed preoperative area. The center occupies 6500 square feet